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It’s truly amazing how we turn old things into the new. Bookmark have been used for a very long time. Some of us would use them in hard books and other would just use a post-it note while some would just rip paper and place them between pages, but no matter what we use, there all bookmarks. Who would have thought that a simple bookmark could make you money and increase your website ranking simply by sharing bookmarks with others? Unlike file sharing, social bookmarking doesn’t use up resources and has a great deal of benefit for you.

Improve Google Ranking:

Your link popularity is increased through social bookmarking. Google well be able to find your website through these backlinks from social bookmarking and as a result, your site ranking will improve considerably. When you generally get a website your ranking with the Google is probably nonexistent. While you’re ranking with Alexa could start out somewhere around 700 million and a drop-down to about 600,000 in a matter of months using social bookmarking.

Have a Produce to Sale:

This is a great way to build readership of blogs or marketing a produce. If you have a product to offer, you can build your sales simply by getting others to bookmark your product or service. The trick is in knowing how to proceed.

Affiliate Links:

Affiliate Links is a great way to make money without having to do all the work. Social bookmarking will drive traffic to your affiliate link simply by writing a compelling description along with a just as can compelling title. Once you post the bookmark, others can also share that bookmark to drive traffic to your affiliate link.


After webmasters found out that search engines would consider social bookmarks a valuable resource of backlinks, they flooded tagging sites. As a result, these sites would use no follow attribute which prevented websites from receiving any back link benefits. The trick here is to find a social bookmarking site that permits back links. Because social bookmarking sites frequently refresh content, search engines like Google often re-index these sites.

Online Visibility:

Online Visibility is another plus when you use social bookmarking site. Let’s say you have a link that goes to an article on your website and you type into Google “links:domainname”. This will show you how many sites are linking to your site. You can simply do the same for articles as well just by putting those articles into quotation marks and then you will be able to see the websites that actually are utilizing the article you wrote. If you are using social bookmarking for that article, then you will notice just how many websites are sharing that link.


One of the things that makes social bookmarking so phenomenal is due to its ability to share bookmarks. Unlike traditional computers where you bookmark something and only you can access the bookmarks. You can choose to share bookmarks so that others can access those as well making this an absolute treat for you and your website traffic.

Fast Indexing:

You can achieve extremely fast indexing by using tagging. If you have a blog or content driven website and continuously update your website with valuable content. The use of social bookmarking will help to get you indexed much faster and more frequently.

Getting Bookmarked for Free:

Yes, it is possible to get your site and content bookmarked for free. However, in doing so there is a lot of work and usually you have to bookmark other people’s sites and content as well. The paid version usually allows you to offer your content and have other people bookmark it; no need to bookmark anyone else’s. So, it really depends on what you are really looking for and how much work you want to dedicate towards you campaign.

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Social Bookmarking – Link Building and Search Engine Optimization

Social Bookmarking could be the next big thing in web site marketing since the development of the personal blogs.

Social Bookmarking web sites like, Digg, Stumble Upon and Furl allow their users to create a set of web site content bookmarks. Submitted book marks are organized by content tags, which are arbitrary phrases or words a user can assign to the content they wish to bookmark. This gives the user a way to classify, rank and organize web site content using tags.

The most popular Social Bookmarking web site is Digg. Digg is a relatively new social bookmarking web site and has in it’s short time attracted millions of members who daily add bookmarks to all sorts of web site content. Over search engines and other bots, social bookmarking web sites have an intrinsic advantage. Users will choose what content they will bookmark, unlike relying on a program to categorize and qualify content. There is an implied quality in something that someone has taken the time to select.

Users of a social bookmarking web site will read other posters bookmarks and then add them to their own bookmarks if they liked them.. You can even view RSS
feeds to see what others are tagging, which is a very cool feature and is a textbook example of a very powerful viral marketing technique.

My own experience and testing shows that 3.2% of all my web site traffic come from social bookmarking web sites, off those 50% come from, 20% from and the remaining 30% come from various bookmarking sites I am a member of. These sites include Furl and Stumble Upon.

As a search engine optimizer, social bookmarking is another tool I use to promote my web sites. An example would be, introducing a new developed web site. I could wait until Google, Yahoo and MSN found my web site naturally, but that would takes weeks if not months. I could join a link exchange network and exchange links with other web site and have the search engines find me that way. But, then again I would be relying on the indexabilty of the linking web site for the search engine to find me. Or I could add a couple of bookmarks on 3 of the most popular social bookmarking web sites. These large bookmarking web sites are indexed many times a day and the search bots are only looking for new content. Have a bookmark on a social bookmarking web site and could expect to be crawled by the big 3 within hours or at the most, within days.

To successful bookmarker, you need to supply good quality original content. Content that is going to be searched for and will solve a problem the searcher has. There is no point bookmarking content that no one wants. Spamming has become a major problem, but social bookmarking is controlled by it’s users. If the content you plan to bookmark is plain spam, the users of the bookmarking web site will just ignore it and move on. Your content will wither away and eventually be dropped out of the social bookmarking web site index.

If you social bookmark properly and supply good quality content, you can expect to gain dozens of quality back links as other bookmarkers, bookmark your content. This technique is a popular tool for successful search engine optimization and the best feature of social bookmarking is that it is free to use. I have not come across any social bookmarking web site that charges the user to use their facility.

Social bookmarking web sites are growing in popularity everyday. Find the ones that best fit the theme of your web site and bookmark with them. But remember, you will only succeed with bookmarking if you have content that is worth bookmarking.

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